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To promote academic excellence and psychometric development within a specialized enriched curriculum for children that fosters leadership, achievement, empathy and a love of learning.


During my childhood, I was enrolled in a Montessori program for my pre-school. I still remember the excitement and enjoyment while using an array of specialized Montessori materials to boost learning.

My love for children and childhood experiences of Montessori culminated into my passion to provide top-notch Montessori education to our community. At KinderCampus Montessori, my goal is to offer excellence in education in a safe, personalized and stimulating environment conducive to children’s motivation and intellectual growth.



At KCM, we believe in cultivating the learning process in your kids in a homely environment where sharing and caring for each other is important, whilst setting a strong foundation for your child’s future education. Since all parents want the very best for their children, a right quality first learning experience is crucial for their intellectual development. At the same time, children also need to socialise, play, have fun and enjoy the structured/balanced/progressivelearning experience.